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If we could see beyond the shore

to that far reaching horizon...

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Name:Your friendly neighborhood Nan
Birthdate:Feb 13
Hello! I am [personal profile] nan. I go by Nan!

Subscribe/unsubscribe at will. I am very easygoing about these things! If you subscribe, I will automatically give you access, even if I don't return the subscription. I have my own filters if I actually want to lock something down.

This journal is mostly fandom-oriented, by which I mean I will prattle on and on about whatever I'm watching/reading/playing. I am an anime fan but I also watch live action western TV and I a perpetually newbie dorama fan. My fics/art/icons/whatever else can be found in my tags. I can be found on AO3, though that only contains my favorite fics. I can also be found on Plurk, although fic is obviously not posted there. |D

Other things: I LOVE CAPSLOCK, I tend to fangirl A LOT OF THINGS, I'm not terribly serious, I am very easily excited, and I am often exasperated with fandom for one reason or another. \o/
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